Thanks to :Amelia VN

South Hobart came out firing, putting two fantastic crossed in and delivering at least as many dangerous through balls in the first ten minutes.
Clarence clawed back a bit of possession after a scrappy start on the slick surface in the fast paced game, but the momentum completely shifted when Emma Hall ran down the right and saw a gap behind the goalkeeper, scoring a 35m blinder into the top left.

Both teams put on a nice display of passing and attacking plays with a couple of shots apiece and went into half time with just the one goal in it.
It took Clarence another 30 minutes or so to score another goal after the break, with three attackers descending on the South penalty box to retrieve an aerial ball which ultimately dropped for an Abbey Johnston finish.

The match was put to bed in the closing minutes with a clearance from Jessica Newell skidding on the slick surface in front of the South keeper, elongating the bounce over her head and into the back of the net. Unfortunately the goalkeeper took an injury putting her body on the line diving back toward the goal to retrieve the ball and had to be replaced for the final two minutes.

The game could have been anyone’s in the first half, with South putting on a fine passing display helping them keep possession, but they struggled to get past a steadfast Clarence back four.

The second half saw Clarence come into their own when in possession, stringing together many more passes and combinations than the first half and fighting hard to win the ball back across the entire pitch when it was given up.

All in all, a great game enjoyed by a fantastic number of spectators, especially for a Wednesday night.